Elizabeth Brown Memorial Summer Internship

ShoreRivers seeks applicants for an exciting, hands-on summer internship experience in the environmental field, based out of the Easton office this summer. This internship program is supported by the Elizabeth Brown Memorial Fund (see below for more about the Memorial Fund). ShoreRivers is a nonprofit organization that protects and restores Eastern Shore waterways through science-basedContinue reading “Elizabeth Brown Memorial Summer Internship”

ShoreRivers Education Coordinator

ShoreRivers seeks a part-time Education Coordinator to assist with k-12 classroom curriculum, student field experiences, teacher professional development, and community engagement programming from January-June of 2020. ShoreRivers seeks to protect and restore Eastern Shore waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education.We have a dedicated staff of educators, scientists, restoration specialists, and advocates focused on policiesContinue reading “ShoreRivers Education Coordinator”

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