Chesapeake-Student Recruitment, Early Advisement and Mentoring (C-StREAM) Program

Applications due February 15!

Chesapeake-Student Recruitment, Early Advisement, and Mentoring (C-StREAM) is a program focused on recruiting, advising, and mentoring college students from populations who have been historically excluded from the environmental field and are therefore currently underrepresented in environmental research and management professions. For the purpose of this program, C-StREAM focuses on assisting students who identify as people of color and/or who are first generation college students.

The primary goal of C-StREAM is to encourage and support underrepresented students interested in leadership positions in environmental protection and restoration careers. C-StREAM endeavors to support this goal by developing inclusive career pathways that result in more diversity in the environmental workforce. The program works closely with academic institutions as well as government agencies within the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership to place selected students into meaningful summer internships, to support those students in their academic work, and to facilitate pathways for successful careers in environmental research, restoration, and/or management.

The Chesapeake Research Consortium (CRC) works with successful applicants (now identified as “C-StREAM Fellows”) to match them with meaningful summer internships and mentors at one of our partnering host institutions, with the goal of providing continued mentoring and support to any Fellow who seeks it during the following academic year and summer if possible. To support this vision, CRC will work to stay connected with the Fellows and their home-institution mentors during the following academic year to provide guidance and support as students continue to navigate their individual track for success. Each summer, the CRC and its partners support fellowships at the NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office (NCBO) in Annapolis, MD, and Oxford, MD, at the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program Office (CBPO) in Annapolis, MD,  and within selected summer research fellowship programs at the seven CRC academic member institutions.  Applications are solicited annually between mid-December and mid-February of each academic year. 

Who Can Apply

C-StREAM is designed to create pathways for underrepresented* students to pursue careers in environmental research and management. C-StREAM is intended for any continuing undergraduate, at any level of study (including seniors pursuing graduate studies in the Fall of 2020) who identifies as being one or both of the following:

  • a person of color
  • a first generation college student

C-StREAM Fellows who have successfully completed prior fellowships are especially encouraged to apply and will be given first consideration by the CRC.

Applying to C-StREAM

A full application has six (6) components, 5 of which are submitted by the applicant and one of which is submitted by a reference provider (“recommender”).  All 6 components are uploaded through the CRC’s on-line web portal and the first five must be submitted by February 15, 2020. (An additional two-week allowance is provided for recommenders.)

For more information and who can apply click here.

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