Anne Arundel County Public Schools Temp Assistant – Environmental Literacy & Outdoor Education

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Position Summary

Assists Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education staff in the needs of the environmental literacy and outdoor education programs. Work involves supporting program through assisting with instructional and facility needs and operations. This includes preparation of materials, outdoor instruction, evening program implementation, participating in staff development activities and helping with upkeep of educational displays. Work is planned and implemented under the direction of the Coordinator of Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education and the professional staff.

Essential Duties and responsibilities

1.  Instructs and implements lessons as a part of the Environmental Literacy field experience.

2.  Assists the Outdoor Education Teacher Specialist and Outdoor Educator with parent in-services.

3.  Oversees and conducts evening programs with students.

4.  Organizes the set up and break down of necessary equipment and materials needed for instructional programs and activities.

5.  Assists in developing instructional materials and activities for use in the outdoor education program.

6.  Directs and oversees dining hall meal procedures to assure proper meal atmosphere and behavior.

7.  Assists parents and teachers with instructional activities and programs as assigned.

8.  Maintains tree nursery and native plant gardens as a part of the environmental and outdoor education center.

9.  Assists with aquaculture maintenance.

10.    Assists with upkeep of databases and administrative duties.

11.    Performs other related duties as assigned.

12.    Supervision and Guidance Received

13.    Works under the general supervision of the Coordinator of Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education.

14.    Works under the immediate direction and supervision of the Outdoor Educator and/or other professional staff member.

For more information and how to apply click here.

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