Deleware Center for the Inland Bays Outreach and Education Coordinator

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Hiring Statement

The Center for the Inland Bays invites applications for its Outreach & Education Coordinator who will lead education and community outreach efforts in accordance with the Inland Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. The Center is a private non-profit organization and National Estuary Program that has successfully worked with its partners to protect and restore the Inland Bays since 1994. Its offices are located at the Indian River Inlet in Delaware Seashore State Park near Rehoboth Beach. This is a full-time position with staff-management responsibility affording a salary dependent on candidate background and skills and full benefits. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran or military status, genetic information and marital or familial status.


A Master’s degree in communication, environmental science or education, or a related field is preferred. A Bachelor’s in any of the above disciplines and two to four years experience is the minimum requirement; experience with an environmental organization is preferred. Experience supervising employees and managing grant awards, contractors, and/or volunteers. Possess a general knowledge of science principles and understanding of ecosystems. Demonstrated ability to develop and manage programs. Experience in the development and production of communication tools. Ability to motivate and work effectively within teams. Experience managing multiple projects. Strong interpersonal and community engagement skills.

Description of the Position

The Outreach & Education Coordinator (O&EC) works under the supervision of the Executive Director to coordinate implementation of the education and outreach actions of the Inland Bays Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP). They collaborate closely with and support Center staff on research, restoration, policy, and fundraising efforts. This individual develops programmatic funding and manages a small staff; currently one full time environmental educator, one full time communications specialist and three seasonal instructors. This individual is responsible for developing and distributing educational information across media types and tracking the effectiveness of campaigns. The O&EC is a strong communicator who is knowledgeable about watersheds.

The O&EC builds a network of diverse individuals and organizations that understand the importance of the Inland Bays and advocate for their restoration. They inspire the public and decision makers to make choices that improve the Inland Bays; to instill in stakeholders, teachers, and students an environmental awareness; to promote watershed education in the school system; to produce all forms of educational media, programs, and seminars in cooperation with other non-profits, state agencies, communities, and institutes of higher education. The O&EC creates a vibrant media presence through the Center’s own media, and through maintaining positive relationships with local and regional media outlets.

Duties and Responsibilities

● Works independently, while strategizing regularly with the Executive Director.

● Collaborates with staff to integrate education and outreach efforts with research, restoration, watershed pla nning, and fundraising programs.

● Manages direct reports, contractors, and volunteers across multiple functions while building a collaborative and results-driven culture.

● Develops grant proposals to fund programs and projects; manages grants awarded.

● Develop partner-based watershed education plans to support the CCMP.

● Represents the CIB to decision makers, at meetings of governmental agencies, non-profits, and community groups to cultivate participation in the CCMP.

● Conduct targeted education campaigns to document increased understanding of the Inland Bays and behavior changes in support of their restoration

● Develop and provide youth and adult education programs at the James Farm Ecological Preserve and other locations in coordination with school system.

● Produces press releases, Inland Bays Journal, exhibits, signage and reports.

● Oversee the Center’s web and social media content.

● Serve as the Center’s liaison to its Citizens Advisory Committee, the press, and for general inquiries about the Center from the public.

● Develops and reports on annual workplans, budgets and program success metrics.

● Perform other duties as assigned by Executive Director.

For more information and how to apply click here. (p.s. you have to click page down at the bottom left to see the rest of the job posting on their website)

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