Future Leaders Climate Summit 2020

The inaugural Future Leaders Climate Summit 2020 will gather ~100 young leaders (ages 18-30) from around the U.S. for three days to discuss climate policy, communications, advocacy, and individual action with climate and energy experts. By bringing together future leaders from diverse backgrounds with a variety of perspectives, this Summit aims to generate new ideas and solutions to today’s climate crisis. The Summit aims to empower these leaders that will be shaping and driving our response to the climate crisis by:


  1. giving them the tools to create even greater change in their communities and beyond and 
  2. creating a robust network of climate leaders who will be able to work together in facing the greatest crisis of our time – the climate crisis.

Through interactive workshops, plenary panel discussions, and site visits, the Future Leaders will work to develop innovative ideas and recommendations to solve challenges: from mitigating the causes of climate change to preparing for and adapting to climate impacts and a rapidly changing world that will include more political unrest, migration, and conflict starting in their own backyards.


Workshops during the summit will give participants the tools to effectively push for change in their communities and the communication skills to connect climate change with the lives of everyday Americans. At the end of the Summit Future Leaders will make pledges during the Summit to complete an advocacy, education, direct action, or policy project in their community.  

We hope that you will consider applying to join us for this monumental inaugural gathering.

For more information and how to apply click here.

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