Chincoteague Bay Field Station Adult and Family Educator

Position Duration: February 24th to mid-November 2020

About the Position: The Adult and Family Educators (AFE) will lead family and adult groups and teach a diverse array of topics that highlight the dynamic ecosystems of a barrier island. Most of the programs they will be assisting or leading are adult programs such as biking, kayaking, photography, birding, and basketry. Their primary responsibilities will include leading the kayaking and biking tours, assisting workshop instructors, leading historical/cultural/eco tours, prepping program materials, engaging participants, and helping ensure the programs run smoothly. Other programs in the Adult and Family department include homeschool programs, Scout groups, and other special programs. During the summer they will help run and facilitate intergenerational and family programs. They will facilitate all classes, lead night activities (campfire, skits, etc), and support participants. During busy times, the AFE will lead or assist other programs as well such as school programs, outreach, university trips, and summer camp. The AFE will also gain valuable supervisory experience as they help to manage our summer high school interns. This position reports to the Adult and Family Education Coordinator.


  • Customer Service for program participants. 
  • Assist the Adult and Family Education Coordinator in leading Adult and Family Programs. 
  • Assist with planning and implementation of age appropriate program experiences with a variety of activities. 
  • Work primarily with adults and occasionally with groups of all ages. 
  • Lead the participants through all daily activities, and help with additional tasks. 
  • Prepare and lead outdoor programs such as kayaking, cycling, birding, and photography. 
  • Give cultural, historical, and ecosystem tours of the local area. 
  • Learn all bike and kayak routes and program locations to be able to lead participants properly. 
  • Assist workshop instructors to ensure they have everything they need. 
  • Lead family camps, intergenerational camps, and family days during the summer. 
  • Assist with special groups/events such as homeschool or Scout groups. 
  • Prepare and lead environmental education classes in a variety of coastal ecosystems. 
  • Be a deckhand/first mate on all boat cruises. 
  • Drive Field Station vehicles including 15 passenger vans and school buses. (Commercial Driver’s License must be obtained as part of training). 
  • Learn to drive Field Station kayak and bike trailers 
  • Work on weekly program maintenance tasks during non-program time 
  • Alertly and actively interact with and supervise participants, giving them undivided attention. 
  • Prepare pre-program materials and supplies 
  • Assist in the coordination of program locations, movement/transportation of program participants. 
  • Set- up, take down, cleaning and organizing program areas 
  • Lead school, outreach, or college programs when needed 
  • Cook/prepare a seafood feast 
  • Assist with management of Summer Internship Program 
  • Enforce Field Station protocols and rules on Field Station property and in the field. 
  • Help clean and provide routine maintenance for field and lab equipment. Help clean and maintain aquaria. 


  • Minimum BA or BS Degree 
  • Comfortable working long hours outdoors and on boats 
  • Ability to connect with and direct participants of all ages. 
  • Teaching experience and/or leadership experience 
  • Ability to pass background check in order to obtain NASA security clearance. 
  • Valid driver’s license with 2 or fewer moving violations in the past 2 years and no DUI or DWI charges 
  • Must be willing and able to obtain a VA Commercial Driver’s License and drive full-size school buses and 15 passenger vans after starting position 

For more information and how to apply click here.

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