Sunrise Movement Job Openings

Our movement is growing at a wild pace. This time last year, Sunrise had less than 20 hubs and most people had never heard of us. Now, we’re up to 300 hubs, and leading Presidential candidates are referencing us by name as a major influence in the 2020 elections.

With this rate of growth, sometimes it feels like we can barely keep up with ourselves. But we’ve got even bigger plans for 2020–so we’ve gotta keep moving! That’s why we need to grow our team.

Right now, we’re hiring! We’ve got 7 new full-time staff positions posted on our site. This is your chance to go all-in on working to stop the climate crisis. Check out detailed job descriptions here, and apply! Or, share this link with someone who might be a good candidate.

The roles we’re currently looking to fill are:

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Hiring and Admissions Manager
  • DC Office Manager and Development Admin
  • Deputy Field Director
  • Data Director
  • Social Media Manager
  • Decentralized Organizing Manager
  • Hub Finance Manager

And over the coming months, we’ll be hiring even more. All these new team members will help our movement to keep growing at the massive pace we’ve seen so far, and to carry that into 2020 as we plan more and bigger strikes, keep pressuring candidates, canvass for Green New Deal champions, register thousands of youth voters, and push the Green New Deal to become the defining issue of the 2020 elections.

Help us build the team we need to put our plans into action: Apply to go all-in with Sunrise today, or pass these job opportunities on to someone you know who could make a great addition to our team.

Application deadlines vary by position, but the earliest are due October 15th. Hope to see you on the team!

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